Masters-Level Internships

LUK, Inc.’s Masters-Level Internship Program is designed for masters-level students in counseling psychology, marriage and family therapy, social work, substance abuse counseling and related degree programs. Students entering their second-year internship are eligible to apply and will experience a robust training environment and experienced, licensed supervisors with diverse licensure and expertise. Second-year interns provide direct, clinical services to children, youth, young adults, parents and families with supportive supervision in the context of a collegial and collaborative working environment. Interns completing LUK’s Internship Program meet all Massachusetts licensing requirements in the related fields and will be well-versed in Massachusetts’s Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) system of care as well as Massachusetts’s child welfare (DCF) and mental health (DMH) service systems.  

For further information please contact:
Phone: 800-579-0000

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