LUK’s Mission Statement

To challenge and inspire youth, adults, and families to realize their unique potential through community-based prevention, intervention, education, and support services.

LUK’s Vision Statement

We partner to create communities where all people are safe, healthy, and resilient.

LUK’s Core Values

QUALITY: Providing strength-based services that are flexible, creative, and individualized.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT: Respecting and encouraging each individual to realize their strengths and intrinsic worth.

RELATIONSHIPS: Engaging individuals and their communities with passion, commitment, humor, integrity, and tenacity.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Promoting continuous learning.

LEADERSHIP: Demonstrating responsible risk-taking and innovation.

COMMUNITY: Collaborating with each other and the people we serve to identify and respond to needs.

JUSTICE: Striving for social equity for the people and communities we serve.

CELEBRATING DIVERSITY: Embracing the concepts of cultural humility and cultural responsiveness.

STEWARDSHIP: Assuring quality services are available, accessible, effective, and sustainable.