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The goal of LUK’s Counseling Services is to meet you where you’re at and help get you where you want to go!

We offer both individual and family counseling, and have the flexibility to provide these services in one of our clinics, at your home, in the community, and through telehealth. Our skilled staff is trained in many research-based and nationally recognized approaches.

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Our Counseling Services

Trauma Treatment

LUK offers Trauma Treatment Services through the Central Massachusetts Child Trauma Center (CMCTC), a division of LUK’s Behavioral Health Services, to assist youth and families on their journey towards trauma recovery.

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Mental Health Treatment

LUK offers a wide range of mental health treatment services including clinic-based and home-based services for individuals and families.

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Addiction Treatment

LUK offers substance and gambling addiction services for youth and adults such as screenings, assessments, early intervention, treatment, and recovery support.

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LUK provides psychiatric services in our Fitchburg and Worcester offices for LUK clients.

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LUK can facilitate an array of measures in order to better understand consumers’ view of their world, their strengths and challenges across multiple domains, and current status of functionality.

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Make a Counseling Referral

You can reach out to LUK’s Central Referral Department to find services that match your needs

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Make a Referral

You can reach out to LUK’s Central Referral Department to find services that match your needs. One of our staff will then call you to gather the information needed to get you set up with services.
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