About LUK

About LUK

LUK is a not-for-profit social service agency located in Central Massachusetts dedicated to improving the lives of youth and their families. We offer a full spectrum of programs addressing mental health, trauma, addiction and substance abuse prevention, homelessness, and more.

LUK was established on the belief that all people have inherent worth and every community should be empowered to make changes to ensure the well-being of its members. LUK has a long-standing reputation of being person-centered, with qualified, caring, and compassionate professionals working with community members ‘where they are at.’ Each individual works with qualified staff who provide personalized services to help people meet their needs. 

Since our founding in 1970, LUK has offered strength-based services, which means that each person or family receives individualized care, sets their own goals with the support of LUK staff, and has a voice throughout their care. Many of LUK’s staff members have been with the agency for a long time and have helped LUK to grow, develop, and utilize the best models for care.

A large group of LUK staff outdoors at a Staff Appreciation day

Each year LUK delivers crisis care, social services, and behavioral health care to over 3,000 children and adults: keeping children safe through foster and residential care, strengthening families through counseling and mentorship, and offering youth a pathway to a healthy future through life skills training. LUK also reaches over 100,000 community members through positive youth development activities, community organizing around youth substance abuse prevention, responses to trauma, street outreach, and more. 

Our organizational culture and services are designed to be flexible, creative, and responsive. Through innovative prevention programs, tailored therapeutic interventions, residential programs, and our inclusive support and counseling services, LUK offers multiple levels of support for members of our communities. 

LUK hosts several events throughout the year, including community give-back events, fundraisers, and awareness activities. To see what we have planned, visit our Events page.