Endowment Fund

Support the Fund for Greatest Need

Our LUK Endowment Fund through the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts uses the power of building interest to turn pennies into powerful impact. By contributing to the Fund for Greatest Need, you’re not just donating cash – you’re investing in the future of LUK and the community we serve. Even a small contribution can produce big results, so consider supporting our endowment fund today.

Why contribute to the LUK Endowment Fund?

HUG Logo for the LUK Endowment Fund, which depicts the blue LUK Logo roof with two figures, teal and light blue, embracing inside. Three blue hearts come from the chimney, the letters of "HUG" are above the roof, and the text underneath the logo reads Help Us Grow, LUK, INc.

When you contribute to our endowment, the Fund for Greatest Need, you’re investing in the organization as a whole. A large portion of our funding comes from grants and is restricted funding, meaning we can only use it on specific activities and programs. Having access to endowment funding allows us to enhance parts of the organization that may not receive grant funding, and improve our ability to provide quality services.

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