In order to know the best course of action, we need to understand each unique individual, family, and situation. We can complete a variety of research-based tools to help us help you!

Here at LUK, we believe everyone has strengths and our assessments help us identify yours as well as areas where you might need additional support. Some assessments help us understand how you process information or whether someone is on track with developmental milestones. Some assessments are comprehensive and include measures of psychological, social, and emotional functioning.

Testing helps us figure out the best next step for you and your family!


LUK can conduct the following assessments


Used to identify how a consumer takes in, stores and utilizes information in their daily lives.


Used to identify and/or track developmental milestones to determine if additional intervention or supports are necessary; also used to identify developmental delays, potential causes and recommendations for the future.


Used to understand how consumers cope and navigate their emotional world.


Used to understand how consumers cope and navigate their emotional world.

Risk Assessments

Used to understand how consumers rationalize risky behaviors and indicates whether a higher level of intervention is warranted.

Substance Abuse

Used to identify history of and current level of use as well as triggers and causes of use.


Used to identify the impact that trauma may have on daily functioning and emotional state.

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