LUK AmeriCorps Host Site Info

Gain a fully trained, externally hosted, flexible Positive Youth Development team member by becoming a Host Site with LUK’s AmeriCorps program! Thrive Ambassadors are members of your team that can help youth improve Cognitive and Social Emotional Competence, gain self-esteem, & develop positive coping skills.

By becoming a Host Site with LUK’s AmeriCorps program, you gain all the benefits of an additional team member, while LUK handles administrative tasks and matches any costs.

Host Site

  • Hosts an AmeriCorps member at their organization for 10 months (1000+ hours, starting September 2024)
  • Communicates with LUK if there are any issues
  • Pays a $7,500 fee per AmeriCorps member (up to 2 members)
  • Gains a quality team member for Positive Youth Development
  • Has flexibility in how this AmeriCorps member is assigned, from in-school support to after-school programming


  • Provides benefits and matches all fees paid by the Host Site
  • Provides comprehensive training, including Trauma Informed Care, First Aid, CPR, Suicide Prevention, and Non-Violence Conflict Intervention
  • Handles all HR, onboarding, and supervision, and completes site visits
  • Supports the AmeriCorps member as the program Host

Program Goals

LUK’s AmeriCorps program, Thrive Ambassadors, will work to strengthen social-emotional competencies among Worcester County youth who have experienced two or more of the following challenges: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), living in poverty, and/or academic challenges. Goals include increasing the cognitive and social emotional competence of youth, improve academic engagement of youth, improve coping skills of youth, decrease disciplinary actions in school, and improve relationships with peers and adults.

THRIVE Ambassadors Required Activities

Individual support

Each member will meet 1:1 with youth weekly at the host site during regular operating hours, meeting with an average of 2-3 youth each day. Each age-appropriate session will be based on Positive Youth Development principles and will include a check-in, relationship-building activities, goal setting and monitoring, and connection to resources as needed. Members will also spend time preparing for and documenting sessions.

Small group Positive Youth Development activities

Each member will be required to meet at least weekly with their assigned 12 youth at the host site during regular operating hours. Each age-appropriate group will include a check-in, team-building activity, learning activity, and debrief. Members will also spend time preparing for and documenting groups.

Larger-group Positive Youth Development activities

On average once a month, each member will plan and/or accompany youth to host-site and/or community-based Positive Youth Development activities which may take place during normal operating hours, in the evening, or on weekends/holidays. Members may also spend time preparing for and documenting groups, and/or managing logistics to attend community events.

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This program is funded by AmeriCorps through the Massachusetts Service Alliance.

About the Funders

About AmeriCorps

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About the Massachusetts Service Alliance

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