Statement on March 30, 2023

Several states have recently passed legislation harmful to transgender youth and their families who love them, and many more have proposed anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. LUK stands with the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. We know that parents and caregivers who tune into their children’s emotional health are critical to helping alleviate destructive negative thoughts. Decisions to take away the freedom of parents and caregivers contradicts what we know is essential for youth who identify as LGBTQIA+: caregivers who love and support them and nurture the development of protective factors for resilience. LUK will continue to help parents, caregivers, and their children tune into their needs in order to be healthy together. There are nearly 435 harmful LGBTQ+ bills across our nation targeting transgender and non-binary youth. We ask our staff and community to stand up with us against these bills that will cause devastating, preventable stress for youth. For all the young people and their families experiencing sadness today, we see you and support you.

The American Pediatric Association opposes any legislation that discriminates against gender-diverse individuals. Please find their affirming statement here:

The US Health and Human Services shares a fact sheet on gender-affirming care and why it matters. Please find their fact sheet here:

Read more on how gender-affirming care saves lives here: