Statement on June 24, 2022

LUK is reflecting today about how we support those who come to us with the burden of overwhelming life circumstances. We teach our staff to use our founding name when they are connecting with consumers in need by saying “Let Us Know” how we can be helpful. We have found it is essential that people in need are not alone with intrusive thoughts and can think deeply about decisions with someone they can trust. Today, the Supreme Court overturned a 1973 decision to uphold a woman’s right to choose. In LUK’s early years we bore witness to women who were struggling with this choice and were unable to access safe healthcare in the state of Massachusetts. Regardless of our own personal beliefs, we tuned into the full array of circumstances faced by women and supported them on their decisions. Sometimes this meant we supported women to go to another state to access legal health care. The point we are clear on is we cannot ask someone to share their deepest heartache with us and cause any additional harm by closing the door on all options. We recognize that there are many in our community who are feeling the ache of the decision today, but please know there is always hope. We must contact our legislators and insist on women’s rights. We must use our voices for those who are unable to speak. Please stand with LUK and make your voice loud and proud.