LUK, Inc. Receives Over 650 Holiday Gifts from Community Partners

This year LUK has been able to fill the wishes of 650 youth across Central Mass! This could not be possible without the tremendous support from our local businesses and the community.

“LUK’s annual Holiday Giving program astonishes me every year. To see the generosity of the community, our business partners, local schools, and other organizations who fill the wishes of over 650 youth who are in need is wonderfully overwhelming,” said Brigitte Ferrante, Director of Administration.

Every holiday season, LUK staff and volunteers come together to provide families gifts they need to fill their children’s wishes. This year, the Giving Trees has wishes from over 650 youth and families involved in LUK services. Giving trees were set up at many locations throughout Worcester County and we are extremely grateful for the community and staff support who helped fulfill holiday wishes. 

“Each year we are approached by anonymous donors who look to sponsor entire families that may be experiencing significant challenges. Knowing the impact, the happiness, and the support that this brings to youth and families makes my holidays shine brighter,” Ferrante stated.

On behalf of the children and families in Worcester County, thank you! Here at LUK, Holiday Giving is one of our favorite things to do. We love coming together with the community to make holiday dreams come true.