In-Home Behavioral Services

In-Home Behavioral (IHB) Services is a Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) service for youth from birth to age 21. These services are provided by therapists skilled in understanding and treating challenging behaviors that impact the youth’s successful functioning. The behavior management therapist works with the family to identify and address specific areas of concern that have not been helped by typical therapy. IHB Services are designed to enhance the progress of treatment outcomes of the family’s treatment plan.

IHB Services are delivered by a team offering Behavior Management Therapy and Behavior Management Monitoring.


Behavior Management Therapy includes:

  • A behavioral assessment
  • Development of a highly specific behavior plan designed to diminish, extinguish or improve specific challenging behaviors
  • Supervision/coordination of interventions
  • Training team members to address specific behavioral objectives


Behavior Management Monitoring includes:

  • Implementation of the behavior plan
  • Monitoring of the youth’s behavior
  • Reinforcing implementation of the behavior plan by the parent(s)


To make a referral:
Toll-free (8:30am-5:30pm, M-F): 800-579-0000
Direct Line (voice mail & afterhours): 978-829-2312
Fax Line: 978-342-8495
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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