LUK is a proud supporter of National Foster Care Month, and you should be too!  Each May, National Foster Care Month provides an opportunity to shine a light on the experiences of thousands of children and youth in the foster care system.  The campaign raises awareness about the urgent needs of these young people and encourages citizens from every walk of life to get involved – as foster parents, volunteers, mentors, employers, or in other ways.

With the help of LUK’s Community Placement Team and our Foster Families, many formerly abused or neglected children and teens in Massachusetts will either reunite safely with their parents, be cared for by relatives, or be adopted by loving families.

Thanks to the many advocates, child welfare professionals, elected officials and support groups around the country, the total number of children in foster care has decreased over recent years but more help is needed.  A special thank you for LUK’s foster parents who have supported over 200 children this past year in our foster care programs; 100% of those youth who were surveyed were satisfied with their experience in our homes and the majority of these children and youth were discharged according to their plans.

We call on all of you to join us in helping change a lifetime of a child or youth in foster care.  No matter who you are or how much time you have to give, you can help create permanent, lifelong connections for these children and youth.

All children deserve a safe, happy life.  Young people in foster care especially need nurturing adults on their side because their own families are in crisis and unable to care for them. Click here to learn more about becoming a foster parent with LUK!

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